Nathan McCown

Growing up in the East Cobb area, I was raised in a Christ-centered home and trusted in Christ at the young age of 6. From an early age, sports offered a much-needed outlet for expressing who God created me to be. While the joy of competition drove me to pursue excellence on the field, it also opened doors to education, new cultures, and opportunities to demonstrate Christ’s love within sports. Those doors led to South Africa and Germany as a player, which led to graduate work at one of Europe’s top sport research institutions.

My time abroad as a player, coach, and administrator has galvanized my respect for interscholastic sports and its unique ability to positively impact the student-athlete and school community. It is a privilege to compete for your school and the competitive, social, physical, and character aspects of sport develop the full person. It is an honor and a blessing to continue serving the JFCA community. Furthering the tradition of academic rigor, personal development, and a sports experience which honors Christ are the continued benchmarks for JFCA Athletics.

I currently hold a B.A. in Communications from Bryan College, an M.Sc. in Sport Management from the German Sport University Cologne, continued graduate study in economics at Harvard University, and am pursuing a Ph.D. in Sport Management at Troy University. I’m thankful for my wife of 11 years, Kellie, and our two young children for the support they offer me to serve JFCA.