JFCA Extra-Curricular Activities

The activities that we offer our students make JFCA stand out as an excellent school choice. We seek to create opportunities for students to be exposed to new ideas, expand their intellectual curiosity, experience God’s beauty in the arts, serve others, and enjoy relationships in community. JFCA students compete in athletics, experience leadership opportunities, and enjoy fun social activities and clubs all within the framework of our uniquely flexible school schedule. Our goal is to consistently point students to discover their individual, God-given potential as future leaders.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Academic Teams center on promoting knowledge and competition for both middle and high school students. Teams compete “head to head” to answer questions from an array of subject areas, including history, wars, geography, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture.  Practices start in August and the regular competition season runs from September through April. Teams meet weekly to review and prepare for competition. Students participate in National Academic Quiz tournaments (NAQT), GAPPS events (comprising approximately 19 Christian schools), Georgia Academic Team Association (GATA) and other quiz bowl competitions around the state. We expect to attend at least one competition per month during our competition season.

Our students benefit from a Christian environment while developing sportsmanship through academics. Our main goals are to honor God while growing in the areas of discipline, wisdom, and knowledge.

High School
Practices are held weekly on Thursdays for one hour and a half, and students are expected to learn material outside of our allotted practice time. Tournaments usually take place on Saturdays.

In 2018, JFCA won the GAPPS regional quiz bowl and finished in 3rd place in the GAPPS state quiz bowl.

Are you a potential Academic Team member? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you really going above and beyond to learn your school subjects? Many questions come from material that you’ve actually learned or are learning from your classes. As you diligently study for your classes, you are also preparing for quiz bowls.
  2. Are you self-motivated to learn and study beyond the required material given in school? Quiz bowls require memorization of material in many areas in addition to what you’re learning in school. Resources will be provided to help you prepare.
  3. Are you ready to have fun while you learn more strategies to help you memorize and learn material? On the Academic Team, you’ll learn strategies to help you memorize and recall information.

If you are interested in a part of JFCA’s Academic Team, please contact John Ridley, @ john.ridley@jfca.org. Informational meetings are usually held during the month of August.

Johnson Ferry Christian Academy offers a full interscholastic athletics program with varsity, JV, and middle school opportunities for students to compete. Founded in 2011 as a ministry for JFCA, Saints Athletics has grown to more than 200 student-athletes across 10+ sports. Developing JFCA students through preparation for and participation in interscholastic sport competition is at the heart of everything we do. With a ministry focus, JFCA strives to offer Christ-centered competition developing the whole person with sport participation as a key element of educational achievement.

Learn more about Saints teams and sports at jfsaints.org.


This program is a cultural and volunteerism educational enrichment experience currently open to high school seniors who meet the programs admissions requirements. The goal of CEVP is to provide students with an opportunity to earn service hours towards the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, travel locally or internationally, and enjoy additional cultural educational experiences.

Each Spring the Elementary School enjoys Field Day.  With each class in their Field Day shirts, we gather on the athletic fields and start with a prayer for the day, followed by the Star Spangled Banner.  Then the kids warm up and stretch.  They break up into partners and have fun competing in games such as the 3-legged race, basketball dribble, seed spitting, and hay hurdles.  There are relays of all sorts, but tug-of-war is the for-sure favorite.  We finish as a group for silly dances like the Hokey Pokey and “chicken dance.”  We end with friendly competition between the teachers, and the kids get to cheer hard for their favorite teacher.  After cooling off with water and popsicles, the kids return to their classrooms for dismissal and are exhausted from a fun day of Field Day.

Elementary and Middle School students enjoy a variety of field trips which include: Georgia State Capitol, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Zoo Atlanta, SunTrust Park, and theater productions.

JFCA competes in fine arts competitions hosted by GAPPS.  In the fall, high school drama students compete in the One Act Play competition.  In the spring, we participate in the Literary Festival which includes a variety of categories such as: vocal, piano, essay writing, public speaking and oral interpretation.

JFCA participates in the GAPPS geography bee each year. This event challenges middle school students with questions about American, World, and Bible geography. In-class geography bees are held with class winners going on to the school-wide bee. Winners from the school then compete in the GAPPS regional and state competitions.

JFCA holds a History Fair every two years for students in middle school. Our chief goal is to inspire a love of history in our students and to show them the connections between the Bible and their textbook. The History Fair, unlike the Science Fair, is not a juried event.

JFCA has two academic honor societies: National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students in grades 10th – 12th. The National Junior Honor Society is the middle school equivalent for students in grades 7th – 9th. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

Membership in the honor societies is by invitation only. Students who meet the following requirements will be asked to apply for membership: a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, demonstration of good character, leadership potential, and a record of service to others. Members of NJHS & NHS must adhere to the requirements in the bylaws to maintain membership. Invitations to apply are sent during the Spring semester of each school year to our returning students who meet the requirements. Our induction ceremony takes place at the beginning of each school year.

At JFCA, the members of the National Honor Society are involved in academic competitions and in both group and individual service projects. Students in NHS also have the opportunity to apply for school-based, regional, state, and national scholarships. While academic performance is important, the primary goals are to honor God, help its members maintain a godly character, and to develop leadership skills through serving others. It is our prayer that the skills learned during our students’ time at JFCA’s NHS will help impact the world for Christ.

NHS Adviser – Theresa Grohovsky, theresa.grohovsky@jfca.org

NJHS Adviser – Katie Jastrzembski, katie.jastrzembski@jfca.org

JFCA seeks to help students develop leadership skills through character development and by instilling a Christ-centered vision of leadership as we serve both inside and outside the walls of JFCA. From helping fellow students, leading on the athletic fields, serving the community and around the world, the JFCA student leaders seek to impact the world for Christ.  Three key programs that help develop leadership are:

  • Student Leadership Council – High School students apply and interview for student government positions. These students plan and lead many valuable programs in our school, such as chapel services, fellowships, and service projects.
  • Chick-fil-A Leader Academy – This club, sponsored by Chick-fil-A, provides high school students with monthly leadership workshops and practical experience in planning and leading projects.

Due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place protocol, we are unable to perform our spring musical. Please enjoy a video production of our 2019 spring musical, Newsies.

JFCA has three musical theater programs: Elementary, Middle and High school. Participants take part on stage and behind the scenes to produce high-quality productions. Students learn the basics of Musical Theater terms, staging, and blocking. They are also taught challenging choreography and vocals. The program provides a fun atmosphere for students to get to know fellow students on a greater level as they work together to produce the shows. Some past productions have been: A Year with Frog and Toad – 2019, The Wizard of Oz – 2019, Newsies – 2019, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! –2019, Winnie the Pooh – 2019, Newsies – 2018, Alice and Wonderland – 2018, Guys and Dolls – 2018, Annie – 2018, Aristocats – 2017, Jungle Book – 2017, Peter Pan – 2017, Aladdin – 2017. Performance dates are in November, December, and April. Check JFCA.org for tickets three week prior to the shows. JFCA also has a High School ‘One Act Play’ program that competes in the annual GICAA Regional and State Competitions. The mission of the Theater Department is to instill in students the courage, confidence and passion to reach with in themselves to affect and move audiences, thereby becoming better communicators for Christ!

For many students, the Internet is a virtual playground. A place to connect with friends, explore interests, and even study for school. About 1/3 of students report that they’re constantly connected to social media platforms.  The social media landscape is ever-changing and capturing more teen users every day. Some students are sharing large parts of their lives online, from their weekend plans to photos of their latest lunch. Right now, it may seem like you’re just chatting with friends, but what you’re really doing is laying the foundation for your online reputation.

Much of the content you’re sharing online is available worldwide to anyone with an Internet connection, and thanks to tools like caching and the Wayback Machine, they are likely to be permanent, creating a digital trail that can last a lifetime. That means embarrassing high school moments or lapses in judgment are no longer forgotten with time: they’re preserved online for the world to access, quite possibly forever.

Read the full article on the Online Reputation Management Blog

JFCA chapel services are student led.  Students who wish to participate in the praise band may audition in July for the upcoming school year.  Rehearsals are Mondays at noon at JFBC.  For more information, contact Bobby Smith at Bobby.Smith@jfbc.org.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes students who have achieved the required number of hours of community service over a 12-month calendar year (January – December). The goal of this program is to encourage students to serve others and to make this service-minded project a central part of their lives. They are rewarded with a certificate and a letter signed by the President of the United States for their inspiration to others to participate in volunteer service.

Students will track their own service online at www.presidentialserviceawards.gov and link this to JFCA for awards at the end of the year.

Here are the criteria for the awards: Kids ages 5-14 and Young Adults ages 15-25.
Bronze Level:
Kids: 50 to 74 hours
or Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours.

Silver Level:
Kids: 75 to 99 hours
or Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours.

Gold Level:
Kids: 100 hours or more
or Young Adults: 250 hours or more.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Site

JFCA holds a Science Fair every two years. Open to students in kindergarten through 8th grade, our Science Fair’s chief goal is to inspire a love of science in our students. Not only do students get the opportunity to showcase their projects and experiments, but they also compete with their peers in this juried event. A panel of judges scores each project; the top projects per grade level receive awards. Everyone receives participation certificates and, more importantly, a deeper understanding and appreciation of their projects’ focus.

JFCA participates in the GAPPS sponsored spelling bee each year. In order to determine participants in our school wide spelling bee, in-class spelling bees will be conducted in English classes. The top spellers from each class will be invited to participate in our school wide bee. The winners from our school bee will then be qualified to compete in the regional GAPPS competition and hopefully qualify for the state competition.

JFCA’s student council (grades 9-12) plays a crucial role in creating our unique and vibrant school culture. Our student leaders’ primary function is to devise, plan, manage, and implement activities and programs that foster student community, engagement, and rapport. Within this sphere, student leaders naturally develop in key areas.

When planning activities, student leaders aim to engage as many students as possible. They discuss different methods of reaching out to other students and drawing them in. They solicit peer feedback and talk with each other about how they might increase engagement. Of special interest are new students to our school and those students who seem to operate on the fringes. Student council leaders purpose to make each of their peers feel welcome, valued, and accepted.

Internally, student leaders learn to function well together as a group. As situations arise – whether due to differences in personalities, leadership styles, or outside influences – our leaders learn to work together and relate to one another in an atmosphere of respect and temperance. Moreover, our seniors have the opportunity to mentor and guide younger student leaders, which strengthens their problem-solving, peacemaking, and advising skills in a meaningful way.

With a strong foundation in practicing Biblical hospitality, treating others with respect, and valuing each individual as a child of God, student council members hone their skills to be effective servant-leaders for the rest of their lives.

More information to come.

JFCA has offered a variety of art electives including: graphic design, drawing, and art appreciation.

JFCA students participate in a variety of service opportunities, including the Habitat for Humanity Club.  The Habitat club is a student led high school club that supports the mission of Habitat for Humanity International through education, fundraising, and building projects (for students 16 and up).

Our JFCA yearbook staff is a talented group of students who creatively provide a glimpse into the culture and history of our school.  Their work was recently featured in the “Jostens Look Book”, which provides an example of excellence, creativity, and innovation. Out of 2000 submissions, 414 yearbooks were selected and JFCA was ranked 51st. Congratulations to teacher Paula Buckner and 2017-2018 yearbook editor Margaret Dotson!