What are the Expected Student Outcomes for students that graduate from JFCA?2015-12-17T18:05:39-05:00

Click to view our JFCA Expected Student Outcomes document.

What colleges have your graduates been accepted to?2015-06-05T20:18:42-04:00

Our alumni have been accepted to a wide variety of schools including Ivy League schools as well as many private and state colleges and universities.

What electives does JFCA offer?2015-06-05T20:17:15-04:00

We offer many different sports through our Saints Athletics Program, Newspaper, Yearbook, Marketing, Comparative Religions, Musical Theater, Robotics Team as well as many academics and arts clubs.

What student life activities does JFCA offer?2017-09-21T10:48:25-04:00

Our school offers a variety of events and activities for our students to participate in. To list a few: Homecoming Dance, Prom, High School Retreat weekend, NHS, Student Council, Chick-fil-a Leader Academy and other various socials, clubs and field trips.

Does a student have to be enrolled at JFCA to participate in the joint enrollment program?2017-09-21T10:49:21-04:00

Yes, our joint enrollment program with Truett McConnell University is only for enrolled JFCA students.

When are applications due?2017-09-21T10:44:17-04:00

Applications will be available for the 2018-2019 school year November 1st. Applications for the first round of admissions are due February 1st.

How do I apply for admissions?2015-08-17T16:56:37-04:00

View our full information on our admissions here on the Admissions page.

What courses are offered?2018-11-02T11:24:09-04:00

View our full course descriptions and curriculum resources for Kindergarten through 12th grade: Courses and Curriculum Resources

What is your average class size?2015-06-05T20:09:50-04:00

There are generally 12-14 students in a class on average.

What classroom modifications do you offer?2015-06-05T20:09:14-04:00

Unfortunately, currently we are unable to make any classroom modifications or honor any IEPs.

Can my student take just one course with at JFCA?2015-06-05T20:08:22-04:00

Students enrolling in our school must take our full offered course load, our classes are not offered a la carte.

Can I take a tour of you school?2018-10-11T15:24:51-04:00

Absolutely! School tours are offered on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30, please sign up for a school tour here. 

How much is tuition?2015-08-17T16:54:17-04:00

Please see our financial obligation information on the Admissions page.

How many students do you have?2017-09-21T11:03:23-04:00

The average enrollment for our school is currently 415+.

How long has your school been open?2015-06-05T19:55:49-04:00

The school was founded in 2004.

What grades does your school offer?2017-09-21T11:10:11-04:00

JFCA offers a college-preparatory education for K-12th grades.