Elementary School

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” — Abigail Adams

The elementary years lay the foundation for the years to come. We have designed an elementary program that will provide abundant learning opportunities where children can explore, experiment, and interact with their peers and their environment. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners and critical thinkers who engage fully with their world while building a relationship with Christ.

Our K-5 gender-blended program follows the college style format, with two full on-campus school days, one on-campus half day, and two and a half satellite school days at home. Parents play an important role in serving as partners in their child’s learning. While teachers develop the assignments for satellite days, parents are responsible for facilitating learning and guiding students to complete them on satellite days, often sitting alongside their children as they work. Students in this stage of development need a higher level of parent involvement and in some cases need additional instruction, enrichment, or study skills management. As students develop greater independence, the parent role shifts to a manager of student learning whereby they provide close oversight of the students as they work. Parent training is offered as part of the overall elementary program to support families as they partner and manage their students’ education.

Parents and students have access to all assignments through PlusPortals, and families are encouraged to develop routines and systems for locating, organizing, and completing satellite day work. In the elementary grades, parents should help with any preparation or review needed for the next class as well as assignments. They may also incur some direct instruction responsibilities especially in the primary grades. In addition, parents are responsible for checking homework accuracy and completion, ensuring timely assignment submission, and monitoring students’ academic progress.

JFCA’s elementary program encompasses language arts and literature, mathematics, social studies/history, Bible, and science, all within a Christ-centered environment. Community guests, field trips, and fun social events foster a positive school culture. There are also opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular events like musical theater. More importantly, we encourage students to embrace a personal relationship with God, and we nurture spiritual growth through intentional discipleship.

The elementary school at JFCA is a nurturing community led by staff who love God and kids, and who believe children thrive when they feel loved and supported in a safe educational atmosphere of encouragement.

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Middle School

Our gender-divided middle school (grades six through eight) aims to nurture, stimulate, and challenge our students. The middle school years are a time of internal and external change in a student’s life, and we desire for students to feel loved, encouraged, and challenged to excel as they navigate these changes.

We select appropriate curricula to prepare students for a rigorous course of study in high school and college. The key to this educational philosophy is a small classroom environment with professional teachers on campus combined with involved Christian parental guidance on satellite days. The middle school follows a college style school format, with two full on-campus school days and three satellite classroom days. Students complete their teacher-directed assignments under the supervision of parents in a satellite classroom.

During the middle school years students are learning to be more independent in their learning and executive functioning skills. We recognize this challenge and work with students and parents as they make this transition. Our teachers understand that every student is unique and encourage parents to help students identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in the area of executive functioning.

The role of parents during the middle school years varies by child. Because students are transitioning from dependent to independent learners, parents are still highly involved in the oversight of satellite day work. Initially they may serve as managers of student learning, while shifting to the role of guides as students become more independent. Middle school students are developing more disciplined study habits and benefit from positive parental encouragement and the growing awareness of personal consequences.

Parents and students have access to all assignments through PlusPortals. As needed, parents should help with any preparation or review needed for the next class as well as assignments. They may also incur occasional instructional responsibilities of certain subjects, such as spelling. In addition, parents are responsible for the oversight of checking homework completion, ensuring timely assignment submission, and monitoring students’ academic progress.

Latin is the foundational foreign language for our program at JFCA. Students begin their Latin studies in seventh grade with Introduction to Latin and complete Latin I in eighth grade. Latin study continues in high school.

Middle schoolers have many opportunities for athletic, service, and extracurricular pursuits. Several of our sports offer middle school teams as well. Students may also participate in grade-level service projects and the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Other options include the middle school Academic Team, National Junior Honor Society, L.E.A.D. (potentially with an 8th grade field trip to Washington, D.C.), yearbook, newspaper, musical theater, robotics, athletics, field trips, and socials are also a cornerstone of our middle school program. Moreover, our memberships open the door to individual competitions, such as vocal and piano performances, spelling bees, science fairs, one-act plays, literary and art festivals, and Quiz Bowls.

The middle school at JFCA is a supportive, loving environment that nurtures students’ growing faith through Bible study, class discussions, and intentional discipleship.

High School

JFCA’s grades nine through twelve are gender-blended, and our high school courses meet standards for rigor and engagement. Our college style educational approach combines the best attributes of parental involvement with the best attributes of a traditional classroom and professional teachers. At every grade level, we strive to promote high academic standards within a secure and supportive Christ-centered environment. JFCA’s robust academic program of study, including dual enrollment and a diverse list of extracurricular options, provides students with a rich and rewarding high school experience. Small student to teacher ratios allow for discussion and exploration which are critical aspects of higher education.

In the ninth and tenth grades, parents may serve as guides or coaches for independent study. These students are further developing their disciplined study habits and strong work ethics through positive parental encouragement and also through a growing awareness of personal consequences. Parents make certain their children keep up with assigned course material and communicate with teachers if difficulties arise.
For students in the eleventh and twelfth grades, parents support their students’ independent schoolwork and provide additional coaching as needed. JFCA’s courses mirror a college schedule wherein independent study skills and disciplined work habits are necessary for success. Parents should use this time to help their students learn to be their own advocate in dealing with instructors and to take personal responsibility for their academic performance.

Latin is the foundational foreign language for our program at JFCA. Ninth grade students take Latin I or II. In tenth grade, students continue their studies through Truett-McConnell College, receiving college credit for college Latin I and II.

One of our goals is to help students grow spiritually. Through our annual high school retreat, chapel services, Bible classes, and Biblical integration into all subjects, we seek to help students grow in their love for Christ and the Bible.

In addition to an outstanding college prep program, we offer many extracurricular opportunities, such as student leadership, Academic Team, Leader Academy, National Honor Society, newspaper, yearbook, musical theater, drama, art, and a mission trip for seniors. Our academic and athletic memberships through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Georgia Independent Christian Arts and Academics (GICAA) open the door to individual competitions, such as vocal and piano performance, spelling bees, science fairs, one-act plays, literary and art festivals, and Quiz Bowls. Service and volunteer prospects are ample, as are socials, events, clubs, and organizations. An extensive athletic program offers thirteen varsity sports and over twenty teams as well as a complete strength and conditioning program for student development, competition, and fun.

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