Why study Latin?

In the long term, learning Latin will help develop rhetorical and analytical skills that are applicable to virtually any occupation. Over half of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and 90% of English words longer than 2 syllables are Latin based.Since a huge percentage of English and the romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) have direct Latin roots, learning Latin vocabulary will make the study of these modern languages and many others much easier. A firm understanding of Latin grammar, which can easily be obtained after just a single year of Latin, will make learning grammar in practically any other western language easier. Because Latin is an inflected language and the endings of words tell you exactly what role each word plays in a sentence, words in a sentence can be positioned in any order with exactly the same meaning. Deciphering Latin sentences can help students develop skills at recognizing patterns and analyzing language with almost a mathematical perspective. The rhetorical skills gained from studying Latin contribute to a stronger ability to communicate. In this competitive world, teachers, admissions officers, interviewers, and employers look for written and verbal communication skills. What we have seen with the college admissions process is that our students are valued because they have received a classical education. In 2012, statistics provided through promotelatin.org indicate that 4 year Latin students’ average score is #1 among all other foreign languages in SAT Critical Reading.

Another personal example I can provide is with our UGA and Georgia Tech applicants. Students who have been denied admissions to both of these institutions have not studied Latin. The admitted students who studied Latin sometimes even had lower GPAs/SATs than their peers who were deigned admission. One of our students recently met with Harvard and they told him that Latin will give him an edge in the admissions process. Bottom line, Latin is the foundational language for our program at JFCA. Students will begin their Latin studies in 7thgrade at JFCA with the first half of Latin I, finishing Latin I in 8th grade. 9th grade students will complete Latin II. In 10th grade, students will continue their studies through Truett-McConnell College and complete high school H Latin III, an IV while also receiving college credit for college Latin I & II.


How Latin Give a Student an Advantage

  • Helps in learning any of the other Romance languages
  • Will provide a greater understanding of English grammar
  • Latin inflections help with analytical skills
  • A classical education gives added advantage to college admission
  • Knowing English derivatives from Latin increased SAT scores)