Alumna Quinlyn Ryan Chinworth (Class of 2009) graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2009 with a B.S. in Nursing. She has traveled and worked in several different states with her nursing degree over the past six years. In 2018, she was nominated for Preceptor of the Year in Portland, OR. Currently, Quinlyn works part time as a Medical-Surgical Nurse on a Trauma Unit at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and recently started teaching Nursing part-time as Adjunct Faculty at ORU.

When asked about receiving a Christ-centered education, Quinlyn said, “Personally, a Christ-Centered education was the right choice for me—particularly in the tailored learning environment. I valued the smaller classes and quality friendships I was able to make. Some of the teachers still very much stand out in my mind for the care they took in investing in us. I frequently reference my high-school years as a positive experience that equipped me with a strong foundation to build on in life. I was in Christian education from 1st grade through college, and while great foundations can be laid for students in all atmospheres, I believe this one helped ground me as I stepped into a field of work where I am confronted on a regular basis with despair, hostile and cynical people, hopelessness, pride in arbitrary circumstances of life, and those grasping for control in situations out of their control.”

Quinlyn also says, “Having a strong Christian faith and trust in God gives me the strength I need every day in my life and my work to remain hopeful myself and bring hope and trust to others. It has brought steadiness and strength into my life at times where there was none to be found to hold on to in my world, and it has brought grace and empathy into my heart in place of judgement and unattainable standards. I honestly could not hold the hands of these despairing, hopeless people and carry on in my work otherwise.”

Something she wants students and parents to know is that, “No environment, even a Christian education, is a substitute for your own intentional effort in building a strong and faithful walk with Christ. I was blessed to have parents who tirelessly invested in my walk with Christ, but I know others even from some Christ-Centered Educations who were not so lucky and our paths have very much diverged. Education can be a great supplement, but parents must be the first example of faith in Christ and of Christ’s love, and students themselves must take it to heart and make their own relationship with Him.”