Alumna Rachel Daniell (Class of 2011) graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, M.D. Rachel is currently a Family Medicine Resident at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, NC. She will be continuing her training in family medicine as a lieutenant in the Navy for the next three years.

When asked about her opinion of receiving a Christ-centered education, she replied, “Looking back I am so glad that my parents placed me in an environment in which education was taught through a biblical perspective. Especially going to a secular university, I am thankful that I had a strong base coming in due to receiving a Christ-centered education.”

Regarding her walk with Christ, Rachel said, “I feel that my relationship with the Lord has influenced all my major decisions in life, including my choice to pursue medicine. His faithfulness throughout my journey through undergrad and medical school at UAB has been amazing. I just want to keep my eyes fixed on Him throughout residency and follow Him wherever He leads. Knowing Him is of more value than any success I could ever achieve professionally, and making His name known to others is more important than any disease I will ever treat.”

To students attending JFCA, she says, “Make sure to keep God at the center. It can be very easy to make education, hobbies, or really anything, an idol. Just remember that He is worth more than anything else, and use the unique gifts and talents He has given you to bring glory to Him.”