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Read how JFCA graduates are moving towards their goals for college and career. We are so proud of our alumni and how they represent JFCA in their school work and professional development.

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Alumnus Gabriel Wittosch

Alumnus Gabriel (Gabe) Wittosch (Class of 2013) graduated from the University of Georgia with a BAA in Finance.  Gabe currently works for Transaction Services Consultant at FTI Consulting in Midtown, Atlanta.  When asked about his opinion of a Christ-centered education, he indicated, “I really enjoyed the Christ centered education at JFCA and can't recommend the program enough. I feel that in transitional years such as high school and college, it’s easy to lose sight of your walk with Christ amidst school, sports, and planning for the future. Having it be a part of the school day and being surrounded by followers made it [...]

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Alumnus Justin Shetler

Alumnus Justin Shetler (Class of 2017) is currently serving in the School of Ministry and Missions at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Throughout this yearlong program, he will be reading various books on leadership in ministry, emotional health in faith and spirituality, and pastoral roles in ministry. In addition to this, he is also working with Bobby Smith in the Worship and Arts ministry at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Justin has received a lot of different opinions from both teachers and students about Christian schools, and not all of them have been positive. In response, Justin said, “I am grateful [...]

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Alumna Morgan Stone

Morgan Helmendach Stone (Class of 2012) graduated from Clemson University in 2015 summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, minoring in Business Administration. Currently, Morgan owns and operates The Tutoring Center of Greenville, helping students K-12 in Reading, Math and Writing. She opened the doors in 2016 and still has the same level of passion and enthusiasm for helping children reach their full potential both academically and spiritually. When asked about her opinion of a Christ-centered education, Morgan replied, “Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had a Christ-centered education. In fact, Dr. [...]

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Alumna Quinlyn Ryan Chinworth

Alumna Quinlyn Ryan Chinworth (Class of 2009) graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2009 with a B.S. in Nursing. She has traveled and worked in several different states with her nursing degree over the past six years. In 2018, she was nominated for Preceptor of the Year in Portland, OR. Currently, Quinlyn works part time as a Medical-Surgical Nurse on a Trauma Unit at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and recently started teaching Nursing part-time as Adjunct Faculty at ORU. When asked about receiving a Christ-centered education, Quinlyn said, "Personally, a Christ-Centered education was the right choice for [...]

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Alumnus Connor Lewis

Alumnus Connor Lewis (Class of 2014) currently attends Emory University's School of Nursing, and will graduate next May with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with future plans to return to school for a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Anesthesia). He has also earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University in the Fall of 2016 where he graduated with honors and was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi. Connor works at Emory St. Joseph's Hospital in cardiac surgery pre/post-op, with the occasional opportunity to float into the operating room. He said, "I was truly blessed by [...]

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Alumna Andie Daniell

Alumna Andie Daniell (Class of 2015) graduated from the University of Alabama in 2019 summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Education (exercise science pre-Pt with concentration in nutrition), and currently playing professional tennis. When asked about receiving a Christian education, she said, "I’m so thankful for the Christ-centered education I received at JFCA. Not only did this school help prepare me for the education I would receive in college, but it also helped me be prepared spiritually. My relationship with the Lord grew a lot in college, but if I didn’t have a relationship with him [...]

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Alumna Lauren Collini

Alumna Lauren Collini (Class of 2012) graduated from Kennesaw State University in May 2019 with a B.S. in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Science and Math. She will begin her teaching career as a 7th grade science teacher at E.T. Booth Middle School in Cherokee County this coming August. Reflecting on her time in Christian school, she said, "I enjoyed my experience, however I don't think that I appreciated it as much as I should have until I began teaching in public schools. Seeing first hand the difference in culture, friends, and quality of education has made me [...]

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Alumna Rachel Daniell

Alumna Rachel Daniell (Class of 2011) graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, M.D. Rachel is currently a Family Medicine Resident at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, NC. She will be continuing her training in family medicine as a lieutenant in the Navy for the next three years. When asked about her opinion of receiving a Christ-centered education, she replied, “Looking back I am so glad that my parents placed me in an environment in which education was taught through a biblical perspective. Especially going to a secular university, I [...]

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