Alumnus Gabriel (Gabe) Wittosch (Class of 2013) graduated from the University of Georgia with a BAA in Finance.  Gabe currently works for Transaction Services Consultant at FTI Consulting in Midtown, Atlanta.  When asked about his opinion of a Christ-centered education, he indicated, “I really enjoyed the Christ centered education at JFCA and can’t recommend the program enough. I feel that in transitional years such as high school and college, it’s easy to lose sight of your walk with Christ amidst school, sports, and planning for the future. Having it be a part of the school day and being surrounded by followers made it easy to stay on track and grow in my faith.”  Gabe states that he has “been blessed with great opportunities since I left JFCA, in both college and post graduate life. Keeping God at the center of my endeavors and trusting in Him when things get tough has allowed me to continue to progress while staying grounded in my faith.”

When asked what would be important for students/parents to know, Gabe replied that “The format of going to school part of the week while working on your own for the remainder prepared me to jump right into the college, where you only have classes 2-3 days a week. JFCA taught me proper study tactics and the discipline to push work along on my own outside of the classroom. This is a key to success in college where young adults suddenly have more freedom than ever before.  I have enjoyed watching JFCA grow following my graduation. God has definitely used the program to make meaningful impacts in a lot of kids’ lives, and I look forward to seeing it progress in the future!”  We are proud of you Gabe!