Alumnus Jacob Harb (Class of 2017) (pictured right) is attending Kennesaw State University and graduating in 2021. Jacob is currently studying business management with a minor in marketing. As the Co-Head Manager for the Men’s basketball team, some of his responsibilities include traveling on the road with the team, managing equipment, helping with team laundry, rebounding and passing during practices, and many other jobs within the program. Jacob is also involved with the Johnson Ferry college Bible study.

When asked about his opinion of receiving a Christ-centered education, he replied, “A Christ-centered education has made me realize how grateful I am to have the chance for my education to be centered on Christ. Being able to pray openly before class and relate some of the topics to Christ showed me a different perspective coming from a public high school.”

Regarding his walk with Christ, Jacob said, “My walk with Christ has been growing so much, especially over the past year. The college Bible study through Johnson Ferry made an immediate impact on me when I joined over my sophomore year. We quickly dove into James where having genuine and intentional faith is extremely important to understand.”

Jacob encourages all students to continue managing their time well through school, sports, work, and fun because JFCA taught him crucial time management skills that he uses daily in college.