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Alumna Quinlyn Ryan Chinworth


Alumna Quinlyn Ryan Chinworth (Class of 2009) graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2009 with a B.S. in Nursing. She has traveled and worked in several different states with her nursing degree over the past six years. In 2018, she was nominated for Preceptor of the Year in Portland, OR. Currently, Quinlyn works part time as a Medical-Surgical Nurse on a Trauma Unit at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and recently started teaching Nursing part-time as Adjunct Faculty at ORU.

When asked about receiving a Christ-centered education, Quinlyn said, “Personally, a Christ-Centered education was the right choice for me—particularly in the tailored learning environment. I valued the smaller classes and quality friendships I was able to make. Some of the teachers still very much stand out in my mind for the care they took in investing in us. I frequently reference my high-school years as a positive experience that equipped me with a strong foundation to build on in life. I was in Christian education from 1st grade through college, and while great foundations can be laid for students in all atmospheres, I believe this one helped ground me as I stepped into a field of work where I am confronted on a regular basis with despair, hostile and cynical people, hopelessness, pride in arbitrary circumstances of life, and those grasping for control in situations out of their control.”

Quinlyn also says, “Having a strong Christian faith and trust in God gives me the strength I need every day in my life and my work to remain hopeful myself and bring hope and trust to others. It has brought steadiness and strength into my life at times where there was none to be found to hold on to in my world, and it has brought grace and empathy into my heart in place of judgement and unattainable standards. I honestly could not hold the hands of these despairing, hopeless people and carry on in my work otherwise.”

Something she wants students and parents to know is that, “No environment, even a Christian education, is a substitute for your own intentional effort in building a strong and faithful walk with Christ. I was blessed to have parents who tirelessly invested in my walk with Christ, but I know others even from some Christ-Centered Educations who were not so lucky and our paths have very much diverged. Education can be a great supplement, but parents must be the first example of faith in Christ and of Christ’s love, and students themselves must take it to heart and make their own relationship with Him.”

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Alumnus Connor Lewis


Alumnus Connor Lewis (Class of 2014) currently attends Emory University’s School of Nursing, and will graduate next May with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with future plans to return to school for a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Anesthesia). He has also earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University in the Fall of 2016 where he graduated with honors and was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi. Connor works at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital in cardiac surgery pre/post-op, with the occasional opportunity to float into the operating room. He said, “I was truly blessed by the education I received at JFCA. The structure of courses and opportunity for dual-enrollment gave me a great box of tools to carry into my time in university. Beyond the academic experience I had at JFCA (or throwing it way back to when I started at Independent Studies), I experienced Christ in those halls. While I didn’t necessarily “fit in” spiritually as an Orthodox Christian going to high-school in a Baptist church, I was accepted and my viewpoint was heard when it came to matters of the faith and that was more beneficial to my growth as a Christian than any alternative that comes to mind.”

Connor encourages students entering the program, or currently involved in it, to know, “Your instructors are not your friends, but they are your allies. Meaning, be comfortable approaching your teachers but do it with the utmost respect. Having now had the opportunity to lecture and TA at the university level, and also teach at JFCA occasionally, I feel like I have a new look at what it feels like to be on the other side of the teacher’s desk and the student/teacher dynamic is entirely different between a student asking a respectful question/sending a respectful email and a student who approaches the instructor with indignation and haughtiness even if the topic of the conversation is the same. So, start your emails with a greeting and close them properly. It makes a world of difference.”

In addition, he wants to encourage parents of JFCA students: “Be involved. Please. It is so valuable to be involved in your child’s life. But let your children do hard things. The lessons they will learn by having to have that conversation (about grades, course content, etc.) with their instructor will serve them well as they progress in formal education. The temptation to send the email for your student is great, and you’d be surprised at how many emails I received from the parents of college students while I was a TA…emails that I promptly deleted, because of FERPA and shock. But resist! Unless it is something that obviously requires parental intervention, which I’m certain you will know those situations.”

Connor’s final words to JFCA families are, “You (parents and students) are capable individuals. Attack life with vigor and courage. It’s much easier to face things with an attitude of “Why not?” and, as I like to say “Just Do The Thing” versus “Why?” and realizing that in most situations the worst outcome isn’t even bad. So good luck and God bless.”—Connor Lewis

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Alumna Andie Daniell


Alumna Andie Daniell (Class of 2015) graduated from the University of Alabama in 2019 summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Education (exercise science pre-Pt with concentration in nutrition), and currently playing professional tennis.

When asked about receiving a Christian education, she said, “I’m so thankful for the Christ-centered education I received at JFCA. Not only did this school help prepare me for the education I would receive in college, but it also helped me be prepared spiritually. My relationship with the Lord grew a lot in college, but if I didn’t have a relationship with him before…I honestly do not think I would of handled the trials I faced in college very well and would not have had the wisdom, faith, or perseverance to do the things I ended up doing. Being at JFCA before college helped me develop these characteristics and learn that pursuing Christ and having him at the center of my life is far more awesome then having a perfect sports career, job title, internship etc.”

In addition, she says, “I’ve usually focused on God’s truth, but neglected his grace. I’m starting to realize that God is 100% truth and 100% grace and to know God better you have to understand both. I’m also learning to have faith in God’s timing and provision right now since professional tennis is a very unstable environment. He’s teaching me literally to live by his provision everyday and not be so caught up in the future.”

One thing Andie would like students and parents to know is that: “Your freshman year of college is going to be a huge adjustment. It’s an adjustment weather you are a student athlete or Albert Einstein. I cannot stress how important it is to keep your eyes on Christ and find a body of believers to encourage and sharpen you. Your freshman year might be tough, but fun, or it might be very very challenging…but if you keep your eyes on Christ and listen to him, you never know what impact you will have down the road and it’s worth it in the end. Just remember that glorifying Christ and growing in your love for him daily is your goal…and you’ll be fine!”

Her final encouragement to students is, “Work hard! Have fun! Don’t be afraid of failure! And always keep Christ in the center…he’s the only one who knows exactly how your feeling and exactly what you need! Y’all are going to kill it!”

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Alumna Lauren Collini


Alumna Lauren Collini (Class of 2012) graduated from Kennesaw State University in May 2019 with a B.S. in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Science and Math. She will begin her teaching career as a 7th grade science teacher at E.T. Booth Middle School in Cherokee County this coming August.

Reflecting on her time in Christian school, she said, “I enjoyed my experience, however I don’t think that I appreciated it as much as I should have until I began teaching in public schools. Seeing first hand the difference in culture, friends, and quality of education has made me forever grateful to my parents for the opportunity they provided for me through JFCA. I have relied on my relationship with the Lord to guide all of my major life decisions. I took gap years to serve as a missionary overseas through Youth With a Mission after graduating from JFCA, which was a very unconventional path from a worldly point of view. I sought the Lord’s guidance and I truly believe that He has lead me to where I am now and prepared me for teaching middle school students in ways better than I could have done on my own accord.”

Lauren’s encouragement for current students is: “I think it is important for students and parents to know the lessons I learned from JFCA have prepared me for every aspect of my life. Most importantly, they encouraged me to follow the Lord’s leading regarding my post graduation decisions. In addition to this, they taught me time management skills, people skills, and how to be a teacher that is invested in the lives of my students beyond the walls of the classroom.”

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Alumna Rachel Daniell


Alumna Rachel Daniell (Class of 2011) graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, M.D. Rachel is currently a Family Medicine Resident at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, NC. She will be continuing her training in family medicine as a lieutenant in the Navy for the next three years.

When asked about her opinion of receiving a Christ-centered education, she replied, “Looking back I am so glad that my parents placed me in an environment in which education was taught through a biblical perspective. Especially going to a secular university, I am thankful that I had a strong base coming in due to receiving a Christ-centered education.”

Regarding her walk with Christ, Rachel said, “I feel that my relationship with the Lord has influenced all my major decisions in life, including my choice to pursue medicine. His faithfulness throughout my journey through undergrad and medical school at UAB has been amazing. I just want to keep my eyes fixed on Him throughout residency and follow Him wherever He leads. Knowing Him is of more value than any success I could ever achieve professionally, and making His name known to others is more important than any disease I will ever treat.”

To students attending JFCA, she says, “Make sure to keep God at the center. It can be very easy to make education, hobbies, or really anything, an idol. Just remember that He is worth more than anything else, and use the unique gifts and talents He has given you to bring glory to Him.”

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Alumnus Jacob Harb


Alumnus Jacob Harb (Class of 2017) (pictured right) is attending Kennesaw State University and graduating in 2021. Jacob is currently studying business management with a minor in marketing. As the Co-Head Manager for the Men’s basketball team, some of his responsibilities include traveling on the road with the team, managing equipment, helping with team laundry, rebounding and passing during practices, and many other jobs within the program. Jacob is also involved with the Johnson Ferry college Bible study.

When asked about his opinion of receiving a Christ-centered education, he replied, “A Christ-centered education has made me realize how grateful I am to have the chance for my education to be centered on Christ. Being able to pray openly before class and relate some of the topics to Christ showed me a different perspective coming from a public high school.”

Regarding his walk with Christ, Jacob said, “My walk with Christ has been growing so much, especially over the past year. The college Bible study through Johnson Ferry made an immediate impact on me when I joined over my sophomore year. We quickly dove into James where having genuine and intentional faith is extremely important to understand.”

Jacob encourages all students to continue managing their time well through school, sports, work, and fun because JFCA taught him crucial time management skills that he uses daily in college.

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Alumnus Jackson Webb


Alumnus Jackson Webb (Class of 2015) attends the Georgia Institute of Technology and is seeking a degree in Business.  Jackson plays baseball for the Hornets and is actively involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

When asked his opinion on the effects of a Christ-centered education, Webb states, “Yes very glad! It helped me keep my focus on the important things and kept me around some great people.” He further states that, “My walk with Christ has lifted me up knowing He is the reason behind everything and that He has a plan. Without this everything seems hopeless!” The one thing that Jackson wants students and parents considering JFCA to know is that, “People at JFCA care about me! They are invested in my life and success not only as a student, but as a person too.” Also, “Going to school two days a week was pretty cool!”

Jackson, JFCA is proud of your accomplishments!

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Jackson Webb & Mason Meadows


Alumnus Jackson Webb (Georgia Tech) and former student Mason Meadows (University of Georgia) squared off at the Farmview Market Spring Classic Baseball Game at Sun Trust Park on April 23, 2019. Approximately 125 JFCA parents and students attended the event. JFCA is very proud of Jackson and Mason and the impact they are making on their teammates and campus!

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Alumnus John-Paul Gouin


Alumnus John-Paul Gouin (Class of 2015) was recently initiated into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline collegiate honor society. Gouin was initiated at Auburn University. He will graduate on August 3 and marry his fiancee, Abigail, on August 8. Congratulations JP!

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