Johnson Ferry Christian Academy’s 9th–12th grade provides students with a small, gender-blended classroom taught in a college-style model. Here students experience the best attributes of parental involvement with the best attributes of a traditional classroom with professional teachers.

High Academic Standards

At every grade level, we strive to promote high academic standards within a secure and supportive Christ-centered environment. JFCA’s robust academic program of study, including dual enrollment and a diverse list of extracurricular options, offers students a rich and rewarding high school experience.

Small student-to-teacher ratios allow for discussion and exploration, which are critical aspects of higher education.

Abundant Opportunities for Growth

Our high school students are also afforded more opportunities to grow personally through extracurriculars, competitive varsity sports, and leadership options.

College-Style Format

The high school follows a college-style school format, with two full on-campus school days and three satellite classroom days. Students complete their teacher-directed assignments under parental supervision in a satellite classroom.

High School Curriculum

The JFCA curricula prepare students for success at the college of their choice or future employment.

Math Curriculum
  • Honors Algebra 1
    • HMH Into Algebra 1
  • Honors Geometry
    • HMH Into Geometry
  • Honors Algebra 2
    • HMH Into Algebra 2
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
    • Young Pre-Calculus
  • Dual Enrollment Algebra & Pre-Calculus
    • On-campus through TMU
  • Honors Calculus
    • Calculus – Larson, Hostetler & Edwards
Science Curriculum
  • Honors Biology
    • Science Shepard Biology
  • Honors Earth Systems
    • Early Science – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Georgia
  • Honors Forensics Science
    • Forensic Science for High School, 2nd Edition – Ball-Deslich & Funkhouser
  • Honors Chemistry
    • Chemistry in the Community – ACS
  • Conceptual Physics
    • Inspire Physics – McGraw Hill
  • Honors Physics
    • Inspire Physics – McGraw Hill
  • Honors Anatomy & Physiology
    • Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology – Welsh, Holes
English Curriculum
  • Honors English 9
    • A variety of novels
    • Potential readings include:
      • The Hiding Place
      • Night
      • Romeo & Juliet
      • Mythology selections
      • Lord of the Flies
      • Oliver Twist
      • Of Mice of Men
  • Honors English 10
    • A variety of novels
      • Potential readings include:
      • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
      • The Canterbury Tales
      • Julius Caesar
      • Animal Farm
      • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
      • Romantic poetry selections
  • Honors American Literature
    • A variety of novels
    • Potential readings include:
      • The Crucible
      • Fahrenheit 451
      • The Great Gatsby
      • The Scarlet Letter
      • The Grapes of Wrath
      • Poetry selections
  • Honors Advanced Composition
    • A variety of novels
    • Potential readings include:
      • Unbroken
      • Pilgrim’s Progress
      • Macbeth
      • A Tale of Two Cities
      • Fellowship of the Ring
      • The Count of Monte Cristo
      • Dual Enrollment English 101/102
      • A variety of novels
History Curriculum
  • World Geography
    • Regions & People, TCI – Geography Alive
  • Honors World History
    • Patterns of Interaction – Holt McDougal
  • Honors American History
    • The Americans – McDougall Littel
  • Dual Enrollment World and US History
    • On campus through Truett McConnell University
  • Dual Enrollment Economics and Government
Latin Curriculum
  • Latin 1
    • Ecce Romani
  • Latin 2
    • Ecce Romani
  • Dual Enrollment Latin 101/102
    • On campus through Truett McConnell University
  • Health & PE
    • A blend of on-campus instruction and off-campus assigned workouts (required elective for graduation)